Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

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There are many reasons to remove wisdom and I am happy to discuss your particular symptoms or problems.

Here are some of the more common reasons for wisdom tooth removal

  1. To avoid further and more complicated impactions
  2. To reduce the chance of infection from a partially erupted wisdom tooth
  3. To remove any foodtraps created by a partially erupted wisdom tooth
  4. To prevent harm to adjacent teeth
  5. To avoid the formation of cysts
  6. To reduce potential crowding and optimise orthodontic treatment by lessening the effects of pushing and crowding on remaining teeth as the wisdom teeth try to move forward or erupt.
  7. To remove or prevent problems like pain, swelling and/or infection associated with eruption/partial eruption of wisdom teeth.

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Decayed wisdom teeth and damage to adjoining tooth


Decayed, impacted and infected wisdom teeth. Note damage to other teeth.