Paediatric Dentistry (Kids)

Child Missing ToothOften children require a general anaesthetic for dental treatment. This may be because of:

  • anxiety
  • behavioural issues
  • extensive work required
  • infection and pain
  • disability

It is important to realise that the general anaesthetic treatment is only a small part of the treatment and should not be considered in isolation.  General dental work, diet control and familiarisation are all part of the long term treatment and management, and should be followed up with your family dental team.

My role in the treatment of children requiring general anasethetics is to reach a pain free and non infective state.  This treatment could involve:

  • extraction of abscessed or compromised teeth
  • removal of active decay and the placement of decay inhibiting fillings
  • glass ionomer fillings
  • I do not do cosmetic or crown work on children

Child Tooth SurgeryThe placement of aesthetic composite filling is usually undertaken by your dentist or therapist when the more critical issues of behaviour and diet are addressed.

There may be other extensive work or medical reasons why your child requires general anaesthetic work.  Sometimes this work is best performed by a paediatric dental specialist and if so, a referral to the visiting paediatric dentist can be arranged.

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