Other Procedures


Oral SurgerySometimes there are bony lumps (exostoses & tori) that can make prosthetic appliances (dentures, splints and bridges) difficult to construct.  The bony growths are normally just dense bone and can be removed.

A flap is raised and the bone cut and smoothed with a drill or surgical chisel.  The flap is then replaced and sutured.


Frenectomy is the surgical cutting or re-positioning of a muscle attachment.  The muscle attachment may be interfering with orthodontic treatment (often shown as a gap in front teeth) or with speech (tongue tie).  The procedure involves:

  • cutting of the muscle attachment with electrocortery, scalpel or scissors
  • possible removal of fibrous tissue penetrating the bone
  • repositioning and anchoring of the muscle attachment away from the teeth (this is rare)
  • sutures are sometimes used to help closure if the attachment was extensive


Sometimes a root therapy of a tooth fails due to a breakdown of the root seal or undiagnosable microcanals at the end of a tooth.  An apicectomy is the surgical exposure of the end of the root of the tooth and possible removal of the root tip and sometimes the placement of a filling on the end of the root to re-establish a seal.   Apicectomies are not as common as they were as it is often better to remove the tooth and replace it with an implant or bridge.    If an apicectomy is planned consultation with your dentist is important